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Adeus 2021! Os meus planos para 2022.

It has been a hot minute since I wrote anything but I have my reasons. I was preoccupied with pets and people dying that I decided to finally learn Portuguese to use my brain power to acquire it instead of thinking and feeling all the emotions that accumulated on top of each other due to those events.

The reality break-down was that my paternal grandmother was diagnosed with yet another cancer in the last few months of 2020, stage four was the diagnosis I think, but the thing was she was already a cancer survivor from 15 years ago at the same time with her age of around 85 at the time of her passing so it would be difficult for her body to recover from any sort of treatment but anyways the family did the best and she finally passed at home surrounded by family. She passed on the 23rd of July, but that was not the first passing I encountered in 2021, before that on the 2nd of July my beloved 16 year old toy poodle Archie passed away beside me after 3 days of not eating and just struggling here. After that I was nursing yet another dying pet, this time he was a male tuxedo cat, named Tuxedo, who had a skin disease that slowly ate through his nose and eventually prevented him from eating properly which also lead to his death and on the day I expected him to pass my paternal grandfather actually passed suddenly on route to the hospital. I thought I would have written an entire blog about these experiences but I guess it was still too confusing and filled with emotions for me that I put it aside even until now and instead eu decidi aprender português! I have been making videos on Youtube to help me track my progress so I could easily go back to those videos in the years to come as I continue to progress and enjoy the language.

My aesthetic goals has been put on hold indefinitely for my health but I did go through 13 weeks of the No Meat Athlete strength training program and I certainly feel stronger and am stronger now because I noticed that when I did yoga in between my training days, my chaturanga has been better because of the isolated focus that weight lifting has given me. Sure I’m 5 lbs heavier on this day compared to the same day a year ago but my clothes fit just the same so in the muscle recomposition area I’m sure that taking the measurements exactly one year later can give me an accurate measure of success.

At the very least I was able to speak with my friend in Portuguese for almost an hours so that’s a good thing to top off my 2021. This sense of achievement did encourage me to finally start the process of acquiring Russian because I have always wanted to learn it due to the sounds because it is appealing to me. So for 2022 it’s get into Russian, continue on with my health, and survive another round of life on earth circling the sun.


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